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Every of a pair of glands which open into your vas deferens in the vicinity of to its junction Along with the urethra and secrete lots of the parts of semen.

Diabetic issues of a variety that sometimes develops all through childhood or adolescence and is also characterized by a significant deficiency of insulin, leading to significant blood glucose ranges.

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A technique of prenatal prognosis where amniotic fluid, attained from a needle inserted in to the uterus, is analyzed to detect specific genetic and congenital defects from the fetus.

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tumor cells designed by fusing antibody-secreting plasma cells with cancerous plasma cells referred to as myelomas

A muscular and elastic sac that serves predominantly to retail store food items, split it up mechanically, and begin chemical digestion of proteins and Body fat.

synthetic splitting of an early embryo which results in many clones which have precisely the same mix of parental characteristics

ultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only in just cells of dwelling hosts; result in numerous important disorders in human beings, animals, or vegetation.

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Compact muscles in the dermis that pull hairs upright in response to very low body temperature. Brings about goose bumps.

§ deal with big number of seedlings or coleoptiles (minimum amount ten for each remedy) § independent click here variables are P and Q (and no treatment

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The method during which a nucleotide sequence of a gene is accustomed to produce a practical solution including protein or RNA.

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